planning plan‧ning [ˈplænɪŋ] noun [uncountable]
when you think carefully about something you want to do in the future, and decide exactly how you will do it:

• If you want to ensure a trouble-free retirement, it's never too early to start financial planning.

• The main planning focus for suppliers will be business planning to enable them to secure and fulfil contracts.

ˌcorporate ˈplanning COMMERCE
when a company plans what it will do in the future. This involves deciding which products it should be making, which markets it should be in, and how profits can be increased; = STRATEGIC PLANNING:

• Global inflation is of great importance to corporate planning.

ˌeconomic ˈplanning ECONOMICS
1. when the government of a country plans how it will control or influence the national economy:

• Poor economic planning has led to high inflation.

• He hesitated on moving his country from central economic planning to a market-based system.

2. when you plan the best way of using the different things involved in producing goods, such as capital, land, and labour, in order to achieve an economic aim
esˈtate ˌplanning ACCOUNTING TAX
planning before someone dies for how their money and property will be dealt with after they die, especially so that as little inheritance tax as possible is paid:

• Owners of smaller companies who begin estate planning early can transfer much of their equity to children tax-free.

ˈmedia ˌplanning MARKETING
the process of planning the advertising for a product, using different methods such as television, newspapers, and magazines:

• The firms operate separately, with no centralized media planning or buying.

straˌtegic ˈplanning
another name for corporate planning

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planning UK US /ˈplænɪŋ/ noun [U]
the process of planning activities or events in an organized way so that they are successful or happen on time: »

The proposed infrastructure requires investment and planning, but it is possible.

the planning process/stage/system »

The project is still currently at the planning stage.


Contingency planning is underway, so that if one particular system does fail it will not seriously affect our ability to regulate the securities markets.


advance/long-term/forward planning


careful/detailed planning


business/retirement/career planning

PROPERTY, TRANSPORT the activity of planning where buildings, roads, etc. are placed in a town or city: »

city/town/urban planning


the planning committee/department/authority


planning regulations/restrictions

See also CORPORATE PLANNING(Cf. ↑corporate planning), ECONOMIC PLANNING(Cf. ↑economic planning), ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING(Cf. ↑enterprise resource planning), ESTATE PLANNING(Cf. ↑estate planning), FINANCIAL PLANNING(Cf. ↑financial planning), HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING(Cf. ↑human resource planning), MANPOWER PLANNING(Cf. ↑manpower planning), MATERIALS REQUIREMENT PLANNING(Cf. ↑materials requirement planning), MEDIA PLANNING(Cf. ↑media planning), STRATEGIC PLANNING(Cf. ↑strategic planning)

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